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Casmara Gold Mask 2080 (gold) 10units

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Casmara Gold  Mask 2080 (gold) 10units
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Casmara Gold  Mask 2080 (gold) 10units (1box)

Experience the Revitalising and reaffirming effect of GOLD MASK 2080 on your skin.

The innovative formula, in conjuction with cooling effect, makes using this gold mask a unique experience.



What is CASMARA Gold Mask?

A facial mask consisting of 24K KARAT GOLD DUST, MINERALS and SEAWEED EXTRACT. This combination of active ingredients maskes the GOLD MASK unique.

The 24 KARAT GOLD DUST provides a tightening effect for the face and neckline whilst adidng the intense nutrition and revitalisation obtained from the MINERALS at the same time.

The SEAWEED gives the GOLD MASK an intense moisturising effect.



Who is this product for?

The revitalising and reaffirming effect provided by this product is recommended for all skin typesm especially for those lacking vitality and tone. This unsex product is suitable for any age group all year round.




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