Casmara Ampoules : Serum

1. Nature Ampoules Equilibrium (Balancing)

Oily, Flaky skins with acne. Oil-free

2. Nature Ampoules Stabilizer (Soothing and deredderning)

Sensitive, delicate, red and easily irritated skins with tendency toward couperose. Calm down skin congestion and redness.

3. Nature Ampoules Energetic (Energizing)

Mature, fatiqued or wrinkled skins. Activates the cellular energetic metabolism.

4. Nature Ampoules Hidrix (Hydrating)

Dry dehydrated skins. Protect and hydrate the skin; balance the metabolism.

5. Nature Ampoules Repair (Repairing)

For skins that need a deep reparing action. Very suitable after abrasive peelings. Shock cosmetic with a reparing action.

6. Nature Ampoules Elastin (Firming and Emollient)

Indicated to treat premature ageing of the skin, wrinkles and loss od elasticity. Supplies the essential amino acids to achieve greater skin firmness and elasticity.

7. Hyal Complex (Wrinkle filler- VVIP Ampoules)

Very useful after peelings and for men as an after-shave treatment to prevent dehydration. Can be used as a base to apply make-up afterwards.

Deep hydration. Improves the general skin condition, increasing the skin's elasticitu and filling small wrinkles.